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I have just acquired a 4G Monitor (23.8”) and I gave my old 1920 x 1280 24” away before I ran Rhino 5 on the new thing… Turns out a lot of Rhino’s interface architecture is not scalable. So I found myself staring at a Rhino interface screen I could barely read, with miniature icons etc. SO I bought a cheap 1920 x 1080, and problem fixed!... Except it wasn’t.
I had set up the monitors side by side and thought I could simply switch monitors via the display set-up. Go from 3840x2160 on a scalable app and then switch over to 1920x1080 for Rhino.

That only worked a bit. The interface on the 2nd monitor was just wrong! AND after seeing anything on a 4G, going back to HD is a huge visual step down!

Quite simply, a rhino scene (Even with tiny icons etc) on a 4G is so superior to HD that I knew I had to learn to live with it.

So I thought I’d have a test build using the 4G Monitor only. Nothing technical or sourced. Just something I could try out my usual methods on. This image is the result. (Rescaled down to 1920 X 1080)

I have heard that Rhino 6 will be 4G compatible. So until then I’ll stick with Rhino 5 on the 4G and wear my glasses a LOT more!
26.03.2016 09:27
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Awesome work!!!
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Great metal
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Thank you for sharing the problems you had, and the positive feelings!! I'm sure your glasses are very happy to be of use!
Why the scorpion and the dragon? looks very kool on my desktop!
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